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The Tess Menu


Formulathe Tess at 18.90 

Monday to Fridayedi from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Kemia or velouté + suggestion of the day or croque-monsieur

Croque-monsieur or suggestion of the day + dessert of the day


The velouté of the moment A delicious seasonal velouté; €7.90
Snails 6/12 Burgundy snails in parsley €9.50 / €16.50
Da’s shakchouka Depending on the season and its œ
perfect egg €8.50
Creamy butternut, apricot and verbena burrata; €11.90
The kemia of the moment Homemade starter and appetizer €7.90


Lamb's lettuce, green beans, grated carrots, chickpeas, dried apricots, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, olives and feta €14.90

Indian summer
Pasta with homemade pesto, spinach leaves, apples, raisins,   dried fruits and raw ham €14.90


The Berber
Creamy Berkoukes risotto (pasta pearls) with fresh vegetables; €16.50

The Burger
Shredded beef, tomato, cheese, candied onions and potato pancakes; €18.50

The Lamb
A delicious piece of lamb confit with honey, rosemary and candied fruits; 24

Salmon tartare, mango, avocado, cucumber, tzatziki, tomato, pomegranate on a bed of berkoukes or black rice or quinoa; 16.50 

A fish of the moment depending on the arrival and the season; €19.50

The Tagine
A tagine from m
oment according to the mood of the chef  €16.50



Charcuterie of the moment Plate of charcuterie and condiment €12.50
Cheese of the moment Cheese plate and condiment €12.50
Poultry ham or salmon croque monsieur accompanied by crunchy salad; €12.50




Chocolate cake salted butter caramel and whipped cream  8 €

Orange blossom tiramisu €8

Panna cotta with coconut milk, citrus zest and fruit coulis; €8

Minute pancakes and topping of your choice; €7

Gourmet mint coffee or tea; €9

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